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The Lion Ascending
Victory through Unity!

CURRENTLY: On Hiatus •

THE LION ASCENDING is the first wave of a new breed of hero. One unbound by the old traditions and divisions; who recognizes and extols the great virtues, firm in the knowledge that the only sure way to safeguard our way of life is by working together.

An initiative of the Grand Alliance, the Lion counts itself among great and exceptional allies, accepting heroes of all creed and origin. The only requirement is a want for progress and a drive to serve and protect all life on Azeroth.


Current Officer Core

Matiff Durthan - Lord Commander
Khesa Durthan - Lady Commander
Âurion Dawntreader - Chief Adviser
Farel Arc - Head Engineer of the Eye

• Recruitment Officers.
• Event Leaders.
• OOC Moderators.

OOC Information:

The Lion Ascending is an RP-based collection of orders based on the premise of creating diverse experiences by uniting individuals within the community. No matter what guild tag you may hold, the invitation remains the same.

A lot has happened in the Moon Guard community. We're surrounded, day by day, with myriads of extremely talented people with great dreams and ambitions, all diverse yet complimentary in their various ways, all part of a want to share their art and experience something rather epic. If we take time to look past some of the shortcomings of our kin in pursuance of this art, we unlock the chance at truly great moments.

The Lion is a Stormwind-based organization of Houses and Orders, each catered to different virtues and skillsets, and all for the purpose of aiding each of the great protagonist guilds, in one way or another. The only requirement is a will for progress, though the premise is built around the protection of all life on Azeroth. From those of the Church to the Argents, to the soldiers of the south and the good diplomats of the Grand Alliance, and there, to the Draenei of the lost continents, and our friends from beyond the Mists.

Presently, new recruits are encouraged to support the two major Houses under the Lion's standard:

House Aequitas

Domus Aequitas is built on the foundation of understanding and dispensing justice. Though teachings vary from race to creed, there are crimes that cannot be ignored, and enemies whose threat to life cannot be understated. As the threats of this world and the Legion grow, those of the Aequitas house are charged to a mastery of combat; constant students of discipline and power, vying to develop an understanding of what must be done in the protection of life.

• - • - •

The Eye

The Eye is comprised of the foremost wizards of the Grand Alliance, endeavoring to see the progress in the study of the powerful forces that govern our world. From magi to rune scribes, The Eye seeks out relics and information from the furthest reaches of Azeroth to help understand and protect the evolution of life; undaunted by constraints and conventions.

• - • - •

These are but a few of the current houses within the Order -- heroes are encouraged to form together and form their own houses, all it takes is a charter between a few individuals with a common goal who would like to see their idea made into an official House. With approval from the Hearthkeeper, these can be created for a myriad of different pursuits. This includes smaller Houses with similar professional interests.

• - • - •

Lt. Commanders are chosen by those within the House, and act as emissaries of their house and as leaders, both in campaigns and critical missions to assist allies. More than one House Commander may be appointed, depending upon the size of a House.